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A team of inmate firefighters from Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino has been credited with saving a Washington family's home.

On July 18, the team, Red Hotz 1, was dispatched to the Carlton Complex fires in north-central Washington. Less than a week later, the Red Hotz found themselves in one of their fiercest battles ever.

On July 23, the Red Hotz were ordered to save a structure six miles south of Twisp. It was a close call. As the flames inched closer to the home, the Red Hotz dug a fire break above and below it. [read more...]

Idaho Department of Correction Director Brent Reinke says he is pleased with the turnout for the department’s first Corrections Connection meeting, an event intended to connect offenders’ family members and friends with IDOC staff and administrators.

“We’ve decided to kind of dip our toe in the water and start having what we’re calling listening meetings or Corrections Connections meetings,” Director Reinke said. “The goal is to try to understand what we don’t know, to try to set the stage for some open communication.”

About 40 people turned out for the event held Tuesday at the Correctional Industries’ in Boise. Most of the questions were related to issues facing incarcerated offenders. [read more...]

Last year Givens Hall Camp Maintenance #1 & #2 worked at the Elk Complex Fire base camp. They did such a great job the incident command (IC) presented the crew with a certificate of appreciation. This crew was supervised by CO Mozley and CO Wilkinson. Back then I was advised that IC recognizing a camp crew for their outstanding work was almost unheard of. Kudos!
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